I spent a few days in Manchester at the start of the month for the British Congress of Mathematics Education and I really wanted to note down a few thoughts while it was fresh in my mind. Well, I’ve failed miserably at that, because it seems to be a distant memory now, but I’m going to dig through my notes anyway and record some of it here for posterity.

Obviously the conference sessions were a very important part of the week. I attended a variety of things, from the thought-provoking to the creative to the just plain fun things. Highlights included some mathematical origami, some reasoning with Tri-squares, and entertaining sessions from James Grime on recreational maths and Matt Parker (aka Stand Up Maths) on everything from cube-rooting large numbers to knitting Klein Bottle Hats. I went to a session about Statistics, something which I’ve not always had the most positive relationship with, but had the chance to think about some really inspiring ideas to capture the attention of young people studying the subject. I also had the chance to see my NRICH colleague Steve Hewson sharing some of his calculus ideas, and he reciprocated by coming along to my session on proof and being very well-behaved.

Hearing some of the great minds in the maths education community sharing their ideas was very inspiring for me, particularly as I am planning to apply to do a Master’s Degree in Maths Education in the autumn – I am going to have to get used to reading about these ideas and thinking hard about how they impact on my practice. But possibly the most useful part of BCME was meeting maths teachers and talking about what’s going on in their classrooms, what they are trying to do, and how we at NRICH can support them in their work.

The free Rubik’s Cube and Casio Calculator were pretty nifty too though 🙂


One Response to “BCME7”

  1. lordhutton Says:

    Cool. I sometimes wish I had stayed with maths teaching. Trouble is, I didnt like the kids

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