Birthday, again.


Last year, I blogged about turning 29 and never being perfect again. It seems I was somewhat unenthusiastic about this year’s birthday, but it’s not such a boring birthday after all: tomorrow my age in years will be the smallest number that’s the sum of three distinct primes.

There are other special properties of 30 of course (after all, every number is interesting) – it is a pyramidal number (1^2+2^2+3^2+4^2) and apparently it’s the largest number such that every smaller number coprime to it is prime.

But the best way(*) to celebrate my 30th birthday will be by making a dodecahedron out of post-it notes. I’ll need 30 post-it notes for the 30 edges of course!

(*) Don’t panic. I’m not so much of a geek that I’ll forget to celebrate with a couple of beers and some good friends too. And maybe some Mobius strips.


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