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Maths I saw on my holidays

February 28, 2012

I’ve just come back from a lovely long weekend in the Netherlands. We stayed in Zwolle, capital of the Overijssel province, and also visited Ommen, Giethoorn, Zutphen, and we stopped off in Utrecht on our way home. Of course I kept my eyes open for maths while I was away! Some of the pictures are only mathematical in a very tenuous way but I hope you enjoy them anyway. Click on the photos for bigger versions.

First, the obligatory Dutch windmill shot. The sails look a little like a plus sign – that’s mathematical, right?

Next, a couple of floor patterns, one from a department store and another found on a pavement outside a supermarket.

There’s loads of maths in this photo of a cheese shop! How many cheeses? How many kilograms of cheese? How far would I have to jog to burn off the calories if I ate it all?

I loved these cute little mushroom shaped signs showing the distances to nearby places. Note the European comma where we would put a dot for the decimal point.

Right by the mushroom sign was a hexagonal cycle route sign. The world should have more hexagonal signs.

Next, a couple of clocks. I love clocks, particularly station clocks and clock towers with bells. I learned that the Dutch word for clock is ‘Klok’.

If you look very carefully at the packaging for the mini waffle I got with my cup of coffee, you’ll see a tiny diagram showing that it has a diameter of 4.5cm! Ideal if you want to compare waffle sizes between different cafes.

The waffle diameter cafe also had these brilliant salt and pepper pots. I’m not sure how you tell which is which. Is salt a 5 sort of condiment or more of a 3?

Our hotel lift pleasingly used the negative numbering convention for floors below the ground floor:

In the UK we have signs saying ‘No Under 18s’. In the Netherlands, they use a strictly less than < sign instead:

Finally, when I’m not being a mathematician I dabble in music. We saw a wonderful display of harmonicas in a shop window, including this fabulous six-sided harmonica :

Alas, the shop was closed so I couldn’t buy it.

What do you think of the photos? Which ones are the most mathematical? What maths have you spotted on holiday?

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